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Plant Oils vs. Mineral Oils

Plant Oils vs. Mineral Oils
Mineral oils, a.k.a.  Petrolatum, is a by-product of the petroleum industry and is an  ingredient found in numerous body care products. Mineral oil has no nutritional benefit to our skin and creates an occlusive barrier, like wearing a latex glove – it essentially suffocates our skin.   It can actually lead to dryness and chapping by interfering with our body’s natural moisturizing mechanism – creating the very problem it is  supposed to be helping!

This is exactly the problem with  petroleum based lip balms.  Those who use it, find themselves reapplying continuously throughout the day because their lips are no longer able to moisturize themselves naturally.

Plant oils, on the other  hand, made from nuts and seeds such as almonds, hazelnuts and avocados  are incredibly beneficial to our skin.  Not only do they offer nutritional benefits, they aid in regeneration by helping build the membranes that support the cell structure.

Plant oils contain organic compounds that help protect, repair and regenerate our skin:

  • Essential fatty acids, such as Gamma linolenic acid or GLA are necessary for collagen production.  
  • Phospholipids  like Lecithin, help protect our skin by creating a barrier or a “second  skin”.  They are also good humectants, helping our skin absorb and  retain moisture.
  • Phytosterols help  repair skin damaged or harmed by environmental elements like chapping  from wind and sunburn. They reduce inflammation and help moisturize the  skin by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) - how water passes from inside our body through our skin by diffusion and evaporation.
  • They also contain antioxidants and vitamins
Our  lip balms are made with Calendula infused extra virgin Olive oil, Shea  butter, Almond & Jojoba oils.  They not only allow your lips to  naturally moisturize themselves, but assist them by rebuilding cells and  helping with moisture exchange.
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