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Garlic ~ Allium sativum

Key Actions:


*Lowers blood pressure
*Reduces blood clotting
*Increases sweating
*Expels parasites/worms

Traditional remedy - before antibiotics were developed, Garlic was used for its amazing  healing powers to fight off all sorts of infections including bronchial  (chest), colds & flu, ear infections, even wounds.

Circulatory remedy  - Garlic helps prevent circulatory problems and strokes by keeping your  blood thin.  It also lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Digestive health - various digestive infections respond well to Garlic.  The herb also helps expel intestinal parasites

Other uses -  Garlic is used for infections and may be taken to support conventional  antibiotics and help with side effects.  It also reduces blood sugar  levels and can help with late-onset diabetes.

Planting Instructions
Plant Garlic cloves in the fall before ground freezes.  For your first crop get cloves from a nursery/garden center OR buy organic  Garlic from the grocery story.  The reason it has to be organic is  because it will not have been treated/sprayed and will sprout for you.
Break apart the head into the cloves and use the larger cloves because they will produce the larger bulbs.

Plant them pointy end up :  2" deep space them 6" apart
Avoid growing them where you may have had any onion family crop.
After  planting but before the ground freezes, mulch with a thick layer  (5-7")of straw or leaves to protect them and encourage worm activity,  which helps keep the soil loose and workable.
In the spring  when the daffodil leaves are peeking out a few inches, remove the mulch  and spread some compost on the bed.  I usually just leave a thin  covering of straw (1 ")

Harvesting - it's time to harvest in  late summer, when the bottom 2 or 3 leaves have turned yellow or the  tops fall over.  Loosen the soil with a garden fork or very carefully  with a shovel just to break apart the soil and pull out bulbs.

Curing is key to long storage -  spread the bulbs on a screen for good air circulation and cure in full  sun.  Best to use an open shed or porch to protect from rain, but you  can just cover them if you need to.  Curing can take up to 2 weeks, but  is complete when skins are dry and the necks are tight.  Remove the tops  and store bulbs in a cool, dry place.

Plant Garlic
pointy end up!
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