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Acne Skin Care


Acne is a condition caused by over productive sebaceous glands.  The more you try to dry out your “oily” skin, the more oil it will make.
This is precisely why cleansers made with drying ingredients like alcohol tend to make things worse.

Our skin care routine involves a simple cleansing, toning, moisturizing (optional), spot treatment and clay mask.


Step One – Cleansing
Avoid any harsh, abrasive cleansers – they will only make it become more inflamed.  Try to break out of the soap and “squeaky clean” habit – realize that when your skin is squeaky clean it’s actually stripped of its natural oils.  Our Facial Cleansing Oil gently cleanses your skin, using a blend of essential oils that are antiseptic and antibacterial without being drying.  Remember to always rinse with tepid (not hot) water.

Step Two – Toning
Lemon Balm hydrosol is used for hydration and returning skin to its normal pH after thoroughly cleansing. This can also be used throughout the day whenever you feel the need to freshen your skin – whether it feels oily or in need of hydration.

Step Three – Moisturizing
This is an optional step depending on your skin’s moisture content. Many don’t feel the need for moisturizing, however if you find you do, we make an Herbal Facial Elixir - a lightweight, antibacterial serum that helps calm and balance your skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
This is the “Zit Zapper” ! When you get a pimple, simply apply a drop of Tea Tree essential oil with a Q-tip or clean finger  directly to blemish. This will disinfect and control local inflammation  without drying your skin like other blemish products that contain  alcohols and harsh ingredients.  You will be amazed!!!

Green Clay
A green clay mask treatment absorbs excess oil, draws out toxins, gently exfoliates, stimulates circulation, remineralizes and softens the skin. Can also be applied to chest, back and shoulders.
~For overnight pimple treatment, apply a drop of Tea Tree essential oil to a small amount of clay and a smidge of water to work into a paste. Dab onto pimple before going to sleep. Wake up and rinse off in the morning.

Eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamin C, also foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids found in fresh, leafy vegetables, fish and nuts like almonds & walnuts will nourish your skin from the inside out.  These nutrients also help decrease inflammation and strengthen your immune system.
Avoid excessive sugar intake as well as processed and fried foods. Also be sure you’re drinking plenty of water to help flush toxins. Trying to include Garlic in your foods is also helpful to increase your body’s immune system and its ability to control toxins.

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