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NEW!  Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Oils
Aromatherapy in a convenient roll-on bottle. Choose from: Calming, Comfort, Energize, Focus, Mindfulness & Stress Relief.
0.35 fl. oz. glass bottle
Shower Therapy
Turn your shower into an Aromatherapy experience! Special blends of essential oils in an organic, Castile soap base. Made for those who prefer showers to baths.
"Breathe" for chest & nasal congestion
"Energize" stimulating, energizing blend
"Stress Relief" promotes relaxation, decreases nervous tension
8 fl. oz. plastic bottle with pump
Room Sprays
A healthy alternative to synthetic fragrance air fresheners. Made with pure essential oils.

Ingredients: distilled water, alcohol 40%, essential oils.
Essential Oil Blends
Blends made with pure essential oils.
Awaken ~ mind stimulating
Lovers ~ sensual
Magical Monster ~ calms nervous tension & anxiety
Winter ~ scents of Winter
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