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Soap of the Month

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October ~ Fairy Kisses
Soap of the Month ~ single bar
October ~ Fairy Kisses
Fresh, citrusy blend with a kiss of spice.
Clary Sage ~ light, clean, musky scent. Dreams, euphoria, imagination, wisdom. Aphrodisiac, centering, nervous tension, PMS, strengthening.
Sweet Orange ~ fruity, sweet, bright scent. Anti-anxiety, balancing, refreshing, inspiring. Happiness, love, prosperity, sensuality.
Clove ~ spicy, sweet, warm scent. Stimulating, sense-enhancing, invigorating. Balances chakras, courage, protection.

4 oz. bar (regular price $5.50)
Soap of the Month ~ 3 bars
Soap of the Month ~ Fairy Kisses
stock up & buy 3 bars
(regular price $16.50)
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