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Summer Survival
Your Summer essentials all in one kit! Bug Off insect repellent, Sun Kissed sunburn & bug bite treatment, Poison Ivy soap and All Good's Sunstick SPF 30. Choose from "Spicy Patchouli" OR "Lemon Eucalyptus" and with OR without Sunstick.
The Beach
Includes: Coconut & Lime Salt Scrub 4 oz. & Margaritaville Soap 4 oz.
Gardener's Gift Set ~ Soap & Brush
Includes: Gardener's Soap 4 oz., nail brush, gloves
(glove colors & patterns vary)
Gardener's Gift Set ~ Hand Cream
Includes: Gardener's Hand Cream 2 oz., gloves
Choose from Lavender or Geranium (glove colors & patterns vary)
Lavender Lovers
Includes: Clary Sage & Lavender Body Lotion 8 oz., Rosemary & Lavender Salt Scrub 4 oz., Crunchy Lavender Soap 4 oz. & Lavender Lip Balm .15 oz., hemp sponge.
Gardener's Delight
Includes: Gardener's Hand Cream 4 oz. (choose Lavender or Geranium), Gardener's Soap 4 oz., seed packets, nail brush, gloves all in an 8" Indigo Blue, plastic flower pot.
(seed variety & glove colors & patterns vary)
Skin Care Gift Set ~ Normal to Dry
Includes: Facial Cleansing Oil 2 oz., Cleansing Grains 2 oz., Chamomile Facial Spritzer 2 oz. & Day Face Moisturizing Oil 2 oz., sea sponge in mesh bag (use to allow sponge to air dry).
Skin Care Gift Set ~ Oily
Includes: Facial Cleansing Oil 2 oz., French Green Clay 1.5 oz., Lemon Balm Facial Spritzer 2 oz. & Tea Tree Essential Oil .35 oz., sea sponge in mesh bag (use to allow sponge to air dry).
Sweet Baby
Includes: Baby Wash 4 oz., Baby Oil 4 oz., Sweet Dreams Room Spray 4 oz., Sweet Cheeks Baby Balm 1 oz. & purple monkey pouf.
Choose Blue or Purple
Flour Sack Towel Set
Flour Sack Towel with 4 oz. Soap (of choice)
28" x 28"
Gift/Ship Wrap
We can gift wrap your items so they're ready to ship directly to their lucky recipient. Choose "Holiday" - reds & greens OR "Enchanted" - blues & purples
Bayberry Candles
These are the real thing!! Actual Bayberry (Myrica pensylvanica) wax taper candles make your holiday celebrations even more special.
Excellent hostess and housewarming gift!
Set of 2 - 7" taper candles
Winter Rescue
Includes: Winter Rescue Hand Cream 2 oz., Heeling Butter Foot & Body Butter 2 oz., Breathe Massage Oil (for chest congestion) 2 oz. & Tea Tree Lip Balm .15 oz.
Candy Cane
Includes: Candy Cane Sugar Scrub (Peppermint) 4 oz., Candy Cane Soap (Peppermint) 4 oz., & Peppermint Lip Balm .15 oz. in decorative basket.
Candy Cane Flour Sack Towel Set
Flour Sack Towel 28" x 28", Candy Cane (Peppermint) Soap 4 oz.
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